We equip the Internet of Things with the ability to adapt to the needs of human beings and self-protect against cyber-physical security, safety and privacy threats

Making impact



We work with industry, public sector and academic partners in combining scientific excellence with real-world implementation 

Providing industrial IoT security applications with edge offloading decision support
Empowering social media users to take ownership of the misinformation challenge
Equipping robots with machine learning and deep learning based technologies for recognising cyber-physical attacks against them
Open positions
  • Three positions to be announced for project ENSURESEC and two for project RESCUER| deadline: to appear soon
  • If you excelled at your undergrad or MSc education and wish to pursue a PhD in ISEC, you can apply via the University of Greenwich's form.
  • We accept interns throughout the year
Our CogniSense toolkit helps make the human user the strongest link of their organisation's cyber security
Studying the impact of cyber attacks in smart homes and developing tools for alerting their occupants in real-time
Strengthening indoor positioning in IoT with context awareness in infrastructureless and infrastructure-oriented modes
Providing digital forensic investigators with the tools to attribute Internet history to individual users
Developing human-centered models of how we interact with the IoT big data generated in physical space

ISEC Research Group


University of Greenwich,

Old Royal Naval College,

London, UK


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