The team

Prof. George Loukas

Head of ISEC

Professor in Cyber Security

Coordinator of projects EPSRC CHAI, H2020 EUNOMIA and SecureHajj, P.I. of COCOON, TRILLION, SecureHajj, ECENTRE. 

PhD in Network Security from Imperial College (2006).

Cyber-physical system and IoT security


Data-driven cyber security


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Dr. Georgia Sakellari

Associate Professor


Deputy Head of ISEC, focusing on PhD programmes.

Principal investigator for C4IIoT.

PhD from Imperial College (2009).


Cloud computing. Edge computing in IoT

Network quality of service

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Dr. Emmanouil (Manos) Panaousis

Associate Professor in Cyber Security

P.I. of SPEAR, SECONDO and CUREX projects. Has held positions at Univ. of Surrey, Univ. of Brighton, Imperial College, and Queen Mary Univ. of London. 

ISEC Industry liaison Lead.

IoT security, Security economics

Game theoretic approaches to security

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Dr. Diane Gan

Principal Lecturer in Computer Science

Previously founder and Head of CSAFE. Holds several digital forensics and cyber security certifications. PhD from Greenwich University.

Digital forensics, Network security, Cyber stalking

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Dr. A.K.M. Mahtab Hossain

Senior Lecturer in Disruptive Technologies

Previously IRC/UTRC postdoc fellow on Middleware Techniques for Robust Control in Cyber-Physical Systems (2013-15). PhD from University of Singapore (2010).

Localisation and positioning

MANET routing

Wireless Sensor Networks

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Dr. Ralph Barthel

Senior Lecturer in Disruptive Technologies

P.I. of AHRC Amplifications Award Sound and Vision Scapes. PhD from Nottingham. Postdoc UCL.

Human-computer interaction

IoT applications

Computer supported collaborative learning

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Dr. David Gresty

Senior Lecturer in Digital Forensics

Extensive experience in policing as practitioner in the field of digital forensics. PhD from Greenwich (2018).

Digital forensics

Pattern of life

Network security

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Dr. Ivana Tomic

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Previously Research Associate at Imperial College London. PhD in Control Engineering from City, University of London (2016)

Cyber-physical system security
IoT communication security
Networked control system design


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Dr. Muhammad Taimoor Khan

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Previously Lecturer in Cyber Security at University of Surrey. PhD in Formal Verification of Computer Algebra Software, Johannes Kepler University, Austria (2014)

Rigorous methods for software security
Cyber-physical system security
IoT security

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Dr. Tuan Vuong

Lecturer in Computer Science

Specialising in deep learning, machine learning and cyber security. PhD  in robotic cyber security from Greenwich (2017).


AI in cyber security

Robotic cyber security

Deep learning and machine learning

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Dr. Anatolij Bezemskij

Lecturer in Computer Science

Specialist in IoT penetration testing and experienced developer of embedded system applications. PhD from Greenwich (2017).

Embedded/IoT and industrial control system security

Penetration testing

Robotic system cyber security

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Dr. Ryan Heartfield

Postdoctoral research fellow

Work package leader in EUNOMIA, postdoc in COCOON. Leading the CogniSense HaaSS framework. PhD from Greenwich (2017).

Cyber-physical intrusion detection


Semantic social engineering

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Dr. Xing Liang

Postdoctoral research fellow

On project EUNOMIA, working on information trustworthiness in social media.

PhD from university of Bradford (2007) on mobile wireless communications

Machine learning

Mobile wireless networks

Information trustworthiness 

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed

Postdoctoral research fellow

On project ENSURESEC, working on cyber security in e-commerce applications. Previously Assistant Professor in COMSAT University Pakistan and Higher College Technology UAE, Research Assistant in Madeira. PhD and MSc in Software Engineering from University of Madeira University and Queen Mary University London.

Formal Specification and Verification

Model Checking

Static Analysis

Dr. Areeg Samir

Postdoctoral research fellow

On project ENSURESEC. PhD from Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. 


Cloud/edge/fog computing

Performance analysis


Self-adaptive and self-healing systems.

Dr. Caxton Okoh

Postdoctoral research fellow

On project CUREX, working on cyber risk management ​in the health sector

PhD from Cranfield University (2018) on Production Engineering

William Oliff

Research fellow and PhD student

Indoor positioning / Occupancy detection

Bluetooth communications

Machine learning

Supervised by: George Loukas, Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis

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Dennis Ivory

PhD student

Semantic social engineering in the Internet of Things

Supervised by: George Loukas, Diane Gan

Michael Champion

PhD student

Human-Centric Cyber Security


Supervised by: Diane Gan, David Gresty, David Chadwick

Blessing Odeleye

PhD student

Cyber security of Virtual Reality environments

Supervised by: George Loukas, Fotios Spyridonis

Damola Lawal

PhD student

Digital forensics

Supervised by: David Gresty, Diane Gan

Ali Jaddoa

PhD student

Computation offloading in IoT

Edge computing

Energy efficiency in IoT


Supervised by: Georgia Sakellari, AKM Mahtab Hossain, George Loukas

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Terry Brett

PhD student

Contagion spreading processes of cyber security threats through social networks


Supervised by: Nicola Perra, George Loukas, Yamir Moreno

Antonia Nisioti

PhD student

Experience in digital forensic training and cyber defence exercises. Currently working on data-driven forensics and multi-stage cyber attack reconstructions. 

Supervised by: George Loukas, Manos Panaousis, Georgia Sakellari

Human susceptibility to cybersecurity breaches in IoT.

Supervised by: Manos Panaousis, George Loukas, Georgia Sakellari

Emily Parsons

PhD student

ISEC Research Group


University of Greenwich,

Old Royal Naval College,

London, UK


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